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Hours of Operation

These are our standard hours of operation.  We also hold extended hours for PAD students and during the first week of each semester.  For our extended hours look for announcements through e-mail and on Facebook.   

Regular Semester Hours

Monday 8:45-5:30

Tuesday 8:45-6

Wednesday 8:45-6

Thursday 8:45-6

Friday 8:45-6

Saturday 11-5

Sunday 11-5


Winter Break Hours

Monday - Friday 9-5

Saturday 11-3

Closed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day


Summer Semester Hours

Monday - Saturday 11-5


Why the Flagler Bookstore?

Let us do the work! Simply bring in your course information/schedule and we will get your required books and course materials for you. Over 75% of our textbook inventory is used, which saves you at least 25% versus new textbooks.  We work directly with your professors to provide you the most accurate, up-to-date selection of required textbooks and course materials.  We take pride in our customer service.  Our employees are your fellow students/alumni and will gladly help you with any questions about your books and classes.

1. You're guaranteed to get the right edition, version, and books for your class - we are the only source that works directly with your professors.

2. Instant and hassle free exchanges or refunds (within policy guidelines).

3. We do the work for you - reserve your textbooks on our website before classes begin to get the most used books.

4. Competitive prices - and our price comparison feature proves it!  We frequently beat competitors prices.

5. Quick pick-up at store (shipping options also available).

6. Only source to offer payment deferral options.

7. Only source that carries ALL Flagler College course materials.

8. We offer many choices - used and new textbooks, rentals, and ebooks.

9. The Flagler College Bookstore is the only book source that supports the Flagler College Campus and students.


The Cost of Textbooks

The total cost of textbooks varies depending on what your professor chooses and how many classes you have. On average, the cost of textbooks per semester is $450. We always recommend buying used textbooks. These books can be sold back at the end of the semester for up to 60% of their original price.  Our textbook inventory is over 65% used to save students money.  

Additionally, you may qualify for the American Opportunity Tax Credit.  


How Can I Pay?

The bookstore accepts all major credit cards (Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover Card, FlaglerOne Card), as well as cash and check (student ID number required for check transactions).


Waiting on Financial Aid?



That’s okay, you can still get your books the first week of class. The bookstore allows students waiting for financial aid refunds to write post-dated checks, which are held in lieu of payment until the student receives his or her refund.  When refunds are distributed the student is responsible for paying the bookstore directly.  Please note, if the bookstore does not hear from the student by the pre-notified deposit date, the post-dated check will be processed at that time.  Click here for more information.



Rental Books

You can rent your book and have it the same day - avoid shipping charges and hassles!  The Bookstore offers an in-store rental option.  Flagler students have saved over $35,000 by renting  the Flagler Bookstore’s in-store textbooks.  We have found 80% of the time, it is more cost effective to buy a used book and sell it back at the end of the semester.  Although renting is not always the best overall option, it will save you money initially. To rent in-store you must pay with a credit or debit card. Click here for more information.



At the end of each semester the Flagler College Bookstore holds buy-back, where you can sell back your textbooks for CASH! Though we buy books year round, the best time to sell is at the end of the semester.  Exact dates and times will be posted at the end of the fall and spring semesters.  You do not need a receipt to sell back textbooks, and we buy all books regardless of where you originally purchased them.


Pre-Order Credit Card Info

You do not need to provide your card information in order to preorder your books.  That is only necessary if you opt for dorm delivery or if a third party (es. Granny) pays for your books, but can’t make it to the store.  The card information will not be run until you pick up your books or when textbooks are delivered to the dorm.

Guaranteed Books

By using the pre-order form, students are much more likely to receive used books.    However, this is not a guarantee due to a variety of reasons (it may be a new edition only book, used books were not available, etc.).  We try our best to provide students with used books first.  Over 65% of our textbook inventory is used



Section Letters

Section letters are important! Different professors in different sections of the same class require different textbooks.  Without the section letter, we are not sure which book to give you.  When filling out the pre-order form, make sure you include section letters. Your schedule may say something like "COM 315 WI BF."  The "WI" means writing intensive and the "F" means Flagler College.  The "B" is your section letter.  You can also write all letters following your course, and we'll figure it out for you. 


Price Comparison Booklist

Need help understanding the booklist? Watch this short video for more information:





Each course is listed under its department on our price comparison booklist.  The following departments are divided in to their respective courses:





The Flagler College Bookstore offers USPS Media Mail or USPS Priority shipping.  Depending upon item availability, orders will ship within 24 hours on week days and orders placed over the weekend will ship Monday.  USPS Media Mail usually arrives within 2-10 business days.  USPS Priority arrives 2-3 business days after shipping.  For alternate shipping options, please contact us!