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If your textbook is being sold for less somewhere else, we will match the price +10%!



The following conditions must be met:

Purchase your textbook from the Flagler College Bookstore and:

- Submit our verification form to us within 7 days of purchase before the last day of the drop/add period

  • - Attach a copy of the original Flagler College Bookstore receipt

  • - Attach a print out of the company offering a lower textbook price with company name and logo, price, availability, and shipping charges

  • - Both book costs and shipping charges will be used to calculate the difference

  • - All information must be verifiable

  • - Once the information is verified and approved, we will notify you to bring in your original receipt for your refund. Please allow 5 to 7 business days after submission for processing



  • What the price matching guarantee does cover:
  • - New and used books from other legitimate retail businesses (not individual sellers) and publisher direct sale sites
  • - The textbook must be offered by a retail establishment located in the United States.
    • - The textbook must be available for immediate shipment at time of verification if your source is online not on backorder or consignment.
      • - The textbook must have the same ISBN; include the accompanying CDs, online access codes, student manuals, etc; and be in the same condition.
        • - The book condition must be the same as in-store condition (no damage, new book pricing cannot be compared to used book pricing, no international or teachers editions, etc.)

        • - All information must be verifiable.

        • - Once you have received your price matching guarantee, the book may NOT be returned.

  • What the price matching guarantee does not cover:
  • - We cannot match the price of individual sellers (third parties) on sites such as eBay, Amazon Marketplace (for example, seller information must say "" not "books/express" etc.), etc.

- We are only able to price match course materials that have been adopted on time by Flagler Faculty.

  • - Excludes: Rented Books, Digital Books, Peer-to-Peer marketplaces, and online aggregator sites.
  • - The price matching program is available through the end of the drop/add period.  No purchases after that time will be covered by this program.

  • - Price matching applies to purchased books, books that are rented from the Flagler College Bookstore are not covered by this program.