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What is buy-back?

If you decide to purchase your textbooks (instead of renting or buying the e-book), you have the option to sell those books back to us.


Do I have to go to the same store that I bought my textbooks from?

Not at all! Whether you bought your books here with us or online we will gladly buy back books from anywhere.


Can all books be sold back?

Yes!  We buy back 100% of books.


When can I sell books back?

Textbook BuyBack is available year-round during regular store hours. We pay up to 60% of the new price for your textbooks-in CASH. Current college ID number required (excluding faculty and staff).


You can check your book's current BuyBack value at the Flagler College Bookstore  (Usually, you will find the ISBN on the back of the book above the barcode.) During official buyback week, check in store for the most up to date prices.  The official buyback week is always the last week of the semester. 


  Wait until the official buyback week to check the value of your books for the best prices!


If the book has a BuyBack value, try to sell it back to us as soon as you can-preferably the day you check. Demand for used books is limited and once we buy as many copies as we need, the price will drop. And remember your Flagler or college ID is required to sell your books.


Additionally, at the end of each semester the Flagler College Bookstore holds an official buy-back offering up to 60% back in cash.  Exact dates and times will be posted at the end of the fall, spring, and summer semesters.  You do not need a receipt to sell back textbooks, and we buy all books regardless of where you originally purchased them.


How is price determined?

The pricing formula is pretty simple. First, we have a best-case scenario. If the book is going to be used again in an upcoming Flagler College course, and if we haven't already purchased the number of copies required for the upcoming quarter, we will give you up to 60% of the price in cash.


The second scenario is not as good, but still ends with you getting something back. If we have already purchased as many copies as needed of a title for the upcoming semester, and if a used book wholesaler or online retailer is looking for it, you will be offered a price based on the national wholesale/online retail value.


If no demand for the book exists nationally and it will not be used in an upcoming Flagler College class, we will offer $1 to buy back the book. (This happens, for example, when a new edition is released, or with a custom title or bundle, or when a large supply exists in the course materials market.)


How firm is the price?

The demand for any textbook is finite and is tracked on an ongoing basis. The demand decreases instantly with every book bought back and can expire quickly when enough students sell their books back.

What happens if demand for a book for Flagler College expires before I am able to sell my book back?

In this case, the best you can expect is to receive the wholesale/online retailer price if your book is being used on another U.S. campus. If there is no demand for the book, we will offer $1.

Can I sell a book I originally purchased used?

Absolutely, if the book is in reasonable condition. You will receive up to 60% of the price if the book will be used again for Flagler College, and current wholesale/online retail price if the book is not being used for Flagler, but is being used on another campus in the U.S.

Does the previous edition of my text have resale value?

Not usually. However, if an older edition is adopted by a faculty member or is approved for use in a course, then all the regular buyback terms apply.

Can I sell back books in any condition?

Books need to be in reasonable, usable, resalable condition. Decisions regarding the condition of a book are made by our buyback staff. A good benchmark for determining whether the condition of your book will be satisfactory is the condition of other used books on our shelves for sale.