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 You play a larger role than you might realize in ensuring students are able to obtain the textbooks and materials they need at reasonable prices. The Flagler College Bookstore relies on you, the instructors and faculty, to submit textbook adoptions for your courses in a timely fashion each semester. Timely adoptions allow us to source the correct textbooks and obtain an appropriate supply of used textbooks. We all know that more used textbooks are exactly what students want! On the other hand, a delayed textbook adoption can result in inventory shortages, students unable to obtain required texts, lower buy-back values, and a complete lack of quality used textbooks. Please do your part, and submit your textbook adoptions as early as possible each semester. Your students will thank you!


To check your adopted textbooks, view our price comparison website, and select your courses.

 For more information on the online adoption process click here.




Faculty Textbook FAQs
Why do I need to submit my book adoption to the Flagler College Bookstore?
Flagler College has partnered with the Flagler College Bookstore to make sure Flagler is complying with a federal law that mandates required course materials be available to students on a singular platform.  The FCB compiles the course information and makes it available on the price comparison book list.

What information do I have to submit for my class?
You should submit any and all required materials - textbooks, course packets, access codes, school supply items, etc.  Please provide ISBN, Title, Author, and Edition of any textbooks you would like to use.

Why am I receiving emails from the FCB requiring me to adopt a textbook?
If you have been listed as a professor to a course at Flagler on the Registrar’s summary, you will receive an email asking for your book adoption.  Please let us know if your course information changes.

What if I do not have any required  materials for my course?
Let us know!  If you are not requiring any materials for your course, the listing on the book list for your course will read “Your professor has indicated no books are required” instead of “No information available.”  This will reduce call and email volume from confused students.

Why are you asking for book information so early?
Our staff has to research each title being adopted for your course.  Our goal is to have all adoptions turned in and researched prior to buyback.  This allows us to pay better prices during buyback and have more used book inventory for students taking your course next semester.  The time you submit your adoption directly impacts the price of the books available for your students.

I need to turn in my book adoption, but I haven’t received an email request.
Just email with your course information and requested materials.

Can I request non-textbook materials for my course?
Definitely!  You can also contact the Art & Supplies buyer at to create a custom course supply kit or make sure the FCB stocks any required materials.

How can I obtain a desk copy of my book?
You may request a desk copy of your book directly from your publisher or local rep. If your desk copy will not arrive in time for class, you can purchase a book from us at a discount.

How does the FCB decide how many books to order?
We use a variety of information to determine how many books to order each semester; estimated enrollment, previous enrollment and sales, and class history.  We are constantly reviewing inventory to re-order as rapidly as possible.